Business Angels in EIFO

Do you already invest in start-ups, and could you picture yourself in collaboration with EIFO regarding investment in companies at a very early stage? If so, joint us as a business angel in EIFO.

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Important players in the ecosystem

The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark's (EIFO) mission is to contribute to the development of innovative Danish companies with a growth potential, especially within green transition. We do so by collaborating with different types of partners who share our mission and who wish to invest in the Danish start-up ecosystem together with us.

An important partner for us in this connection is private individuals who make direct investments in unlisted companies in initial stages, also known as business angels. We believe that business angels are important players in the ecosystem as they help to form the companies of the future through their expertise, their market insights, and invested capital.

Do you wish to be a business angel?

EIFO offers our business angels the opportunity to supplement their investments in a start-up with an ancillary loan ranging from DKK 0.25-3 million. Based on our business angel matching loan, EIFO will help to take a risk in the young entrepreneurial companies that you invest in. The scheme strengthens your position as a business angel by backing your own investment. For more information on the scheme, click here.

You can apply to become part of EIFO’s business angel program if you

  1. Have experience with investment as a business angel in start-ups
  2. Have allocated capital for investments
  3. Have experience with scaling start-ups and growth companies
  4. Have a convincing investment strategy
  5. Will take an active part in the companies that you invest in, for instance, by becoming a member of the Board

As a business angel in EIFO, you will also have the opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking, and sparring with competent people in EIFO. You will also be able to take part in events arranged by EIFO regarding current issues, for instance, about how green transition and diversity are good business. This will give you a better understanding of how EIFO works, a knowledge that can benefit the companies that  you are involved with.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then contact badebt@eifo.dk.

EIFO's green business angel programme

If you have a specific passion for green investments, EIFO offers a business angel program where we can help you become a green investment specialist. As a participant in our green business angel programme, you will learn how to qualify and assess green impacts as part of a due diligence process prior to an investment.

Part of the programme will involve cases, where you will be introduced to issues that one often encounters within a particular sector, all based on EIFO’s experiences. You will also get an introduction to tools of analysis and subsequent access to EIFO’s internal competencies within the area.