Making the world Denmark's business

EIFO plays a bridging role in a world of flux. In times of upheaval, the need for reliable and strong partners in international trade, project development and transition to a greener future has never been greater.

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We generate value by acting as a driving force and an enabler for new endeavors and projects throughout most of the globe. By providing long-term financing to buyers of Danish products and services, we make ends meet for companies, developers, and banks of all sizes and within most sectors.

Due to Denmark’s strength within wind energy, PtX and the entire value chain around renewable energy, EIFO has a particular focus on facilitating the global green transition, allowing the world to access Danish technology and know-how. 

As a state-owned financial institution with a global perspective and an AAA credit-rating, EIFO offers a range of financial solutions for Danish companies and their foreign customers and business partners, as well as making investments in startups and funds focused on innovation and technology.

With our willingness to take risks in financing, EIFO paves the way for those who dare to think bigger. Because the world is Denmark’s business.

Help at every stage

We help Danish companies at every stage of their development. We cover the whole range, from the entrepreneur and the small and medium-sized company (SME) needing capital to reach their potential, down to the export company who wants to conquer new or uncertain markets.

Long-term investor

As the government´s export and investment fund EIFO steps in where the private market is reluctant. This applies to ideas, new markets as well as development of innovative technologies.

We are a long-term investor who can bet on the small start-up that will grow and become viable in close collaboration with the market and the ecosystem.

We will help to develop, scale, and accelerate the Danish solutions which can become the business successes of the future.

The foundation for green technologies

We will also establish the foundation for the development of new green technologies to help Danish companies maintain and expand their leading positions within the green transition.

Our goal is to create value for Danish companies and, therefore, for Denmark. We will help Denmark achieve our climate goals. And we will help to generate and maintain sustainable growth and Danish jobs.

The strength of three funds

The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark is the result of a merger of three previous state funds: Vaekstfonden, Denmark’s Green Investment Fund and EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency. We continue to build on the knowledge and competencies accumulated over the years by each of the three funds.