Bornholm-based entrepreneurs are transforming haulers’ daily work from analogue to green and digital

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DORA has developed a system which makes haulers’ and freight forwarders’ day digital, enabling them to handle consignment notes, among other daily tasks, from their phones. Simultaneously, DORA makes it easy to do the regulatory CO2-emissions calculations easily and transparently. A collective investment of 4 million DKK, from Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund among others, is going to drive the business toward new, international markets.  

It is the coolest industry, but it is a large issue that many are currently using systems that are not at all built for what we do. That inspired me to create something myself
— Rikke Høyer, co-founder, DORA

The total investment is around 4 million DKK, where Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund contributes with just about 2 million DKK. This is the first time that the state fund invests in syndication with Unconventional Ventures, which is the first European fund with a stated goal of investing exclusively in scalable tech companies with impact at the core of its business, founded by women and minorities.